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  • Mensuelles
  • Proclear
  • Hydrogel
  • Multifocal
  • 14.40mm
  • 8.70mm
  • Omafilcon B
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Détails du produit

Advanced multifocal contact lens system manufactured by Progressive P.C. Technology indicated for dry eye and intolerance to contact lenses. It contains phosphorylcholine, a component that is located in places of natural eye cells. Thanks to this there aren't any biological reactions or compounds, which can cause discomfort or irritation to the eye. The lens advantages are:
  • Holds three times more water than ordinary contact lenses
  • It retains the same increased oxygen permeability throughout the day
  • It provides good binocular vision at all distances (long, medium and close), tailored to the user's needs
  • The applicator is able to make small changes in each lens separately or both to improve eyesight
  • Easy and quick adjustment for presbyopes
  • Option of using two lenses D or 2 lenses N
Material: Omafilcon A
Water content: 62%
Curvature: 8.70mm
Diameter: 14.40mm
Global power: (XR) +6.00 to -6.00 / 0.25dpt (from -6.50 to -8.00 / 0.50dpt) (+20.00 to -20.00 / at 0.50 after +/- 6.50dpt)
Shade: Slightly blue

3 pieces package

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