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  • Nesofilcon A

Détails du produit

Biotrue ONEday are the only disposable daily lenses made from HyperGel, a next generation, bioinspired material, designed for comfortable vision throughout the day. Built to mimic the lipid layer of tear film, HyperGel has the same water content as the cornea (78%) for increased oxygen flow and incredible comfort. This contact lens provides adequate oxygen levels they eyes need, to keep them healthy while at the same time it mimics the lipid layer of the tear film, thereby preventing dehydration. Finally, it provides protection from ultraviolet UV radiation, in combination with sunglasses.

  • 91% of daily contact lens users are happy with their Biotrue ONEday contact lenses.
  • 9 out of 10 daily contact lenses users agree that Biotrue ONEday reduce halos and glare, even in low light conditions.

30 pieces package

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