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  • Journalières
  • Soflens
  • Hydrogel
  • Pour astigmate
  • 14.20mm
  • 8.60mm
  • Hilafilcon B
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Détails du produit

Soflens daily replacement astigmatic lenses by Bausch&Lomb, with 59% water content, provide user a more competitive astigmatism correction level with a clearer vision, unprecedented convenience and hygienic in use. The aspheric front surface reduces halos (the areola) and blurred vision, and improves clarity and detail. Soflens Daily for Astigmatism lenses are the simplest contact lenses available. No need to clean them, no cases and liquids are required. Just wear them for one day and then throw them. Start each day with the comfort that offers a new, clean pair of contact lenses.

Targeted towards users who:
  • Want optimal health of their eyes.
  • Have a difficulty using contact lenses which require a disinfection process and they seek convenience.
  • Want to wear contact lenses occasionally, e.g. at sports or at a night out.
  • Need new contact lenses every day, due to ophthalmic specificities (allergies, troubled tears, etc.).

30 pieces package

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