Acuvue TruEye 1-DAY 180p

Acuvue TruEye 1-DAY 180p



  • Journalières
  • Acuvue
  • Silicone Hydrogel
  • Classiques
  • 14.20mm
  • Narafilcon A

Détails du produit

It is the first silicone hydrogel daily replacement lens in the world. With 46% water content and transport of multiple amount of oxygen to the eye, equal to that without the use of contact lenses, you'll have healthier and whiter eyes. Moreover, being extremely soft, it helps eyelids to glide more gently on the lens and offers the highest UV protection of all daily lenses. There is no need of cleaning or having a maintenance liquid, you simply wear a new pair every day and then you throw it away.

180 pieces package

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