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Hidro Health Citrat

Multipurpose solution with citrates
Effectively removes protein

Hidro Health Citrat Hidro Health Citrat is a multipurpose solution with citrate for cleaning all types of soft contact lenses (conventional, frequent replacement, disposable, etc.).

Why protein removal is guaranteed:

1. Adhesion of proteins to the lens
Proteins are a component of tears which adhere to the lens, especially conventional hydrogel lenses, as a result of electrostatic interaction.

2. Protein binding and calcium deposits
This process involves proteins binding with calcium deposits which come from tears

3. Citrates sequester calcium and weaken protein clusters
Citrates contained in the formula penetrate this structure and sequester calcium, thereby weakening the deposits and loosening the proteins from the lens surface.

The presence of citrates in the formula ensures effective protein removal from disposable lenses, eliminating the need for enzymatic cleaning tablets.

Recommended prescription
Indicated for hydrogel and conventional lens wearers with normal eyes.

Other indications
For lens wearers who use a multipurpose solution for maintenance of conventional contact lenses, additional enzymatic cleaning is recommended.

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